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Cafetto Coffee Machine Descaler

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Quick Overview

A safe and effective descaling solution for coffee pod machines. Each sachet makes up one litre of descaling solution diluted.

The level of scale build up in your machine depends on the hardness of the water you use and the frequency you use your machine. The hard water scale will affect the taste of your coffees and can also reduce the efficiency of your machine as it can block the pipes, tubes and filters.

As a general rule of thumb descale your coffee machine every 6 months or 500 pods depending on use. Cafetto Restore is certified as an organic cleaner by BFA and OMRI.

Pack includes 4 x 25g sachets.


  • If your machine has a water filter within the water tank, remove it.  
  • Empty 1 sachet into 1 litre of warm water, dissolve, and then pour into water tank.
  • Refer to the machine manufacturer’s instructions to descale.
  • Always rinse thoroughly with fresh water after use.
  • Replace the water filter.