Start making brews at home

Save your hard-earned cash and start making your own cold brews. Just make your coffee the night before, filter it in a pitcher and leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning you can easily enjoy your home made cold brew! Remember that cold brews are also 60-70% less acid than other coffees and won’t hurt your stomach even if you don’t add milk or cream.

Make your own flavoured syrups

Make your own flavoured syrups by melting one cup of granulated sugar with one cup of water and adding your preferred spices like cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa for chocolate syrup!

Mix in some other ingredients

Mix in some spices or oils to add flavour and depth to your morning cup of coffee. In addition to making your coffee taste better, these spices and oils can give you an extra boost of vitamins and nutrients! Check out some of the healthiest additions you can have in our previous blog.

Whip up homemade coffee snacks

Make some coffee ice pops by mixing 2 cups of strong coffee with ¾ cup cream and sugar to taste, and then pour in an ice pop mould. These coffee ice pops are the best way to have your morning cup of coffee during summer!

Never run out of coffee

Get a bulk pack of our CoffeeHive Coffee Pods to ensure you never run out of coffee again! Our pods are distinct and with a variety pack you can get the best of every blend. Get a variety pack to try our different Nespresso compatible blends here.