The Discovery of Coffee

The coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century. The plant has a white blossom that has a fragrance like jasmine and a red, cherry-like fruit. The leaves of the magical fruit were boiled in water and was used as a medicine or a wine. Coffee was also often crushed and eaten with other plants and oils as an ancient form of the protein ball.

Popularizing coffee

Coffee quickly spread through the middle east in the mid 14th century. Yemen had a perfect climate and fertile soil for growing coffee. Istanbul then received coffee in 1555 as their Sultain Suleiman was once stationed in Yemen and had grown to love the drink. The drink become popular in Instanbul. The beans were roasted over a fire, ground and then cooked with water.

Europeans then received coffee in 1615 when Venetian merchants received it while travelling in Istanbul. The plant and beans were then bought to Italy and France where it became popularized in Paris in 1669. The bean was also spread to other parts of Europe with London opening their first Coffee Club in 1637 and Holland growing the plant in Indonesia in 1699. America opened the first coffee house in 1696 in New York and the drink quickly became popularized.

Coffee Today

After centuries of being traded, coffee has become one of the most popularly traded commodities in the world and is enjoyed by people everywhere today.

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