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recyclable coffee pods
One question that we get asked a lot is, are our Coffee Pods Recyclable? At Coffee Hive, we work closely with our suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to ensure that we minimise our impact on the environment while bringing you great tasting coffee.Read More
11 Sep 2017 9:13:03 AM By Coffee Hive Tips & guides,
Turmeric Latte with coffee
From Gwyneth Paltrow to Victoria Beckham this Golden brew is being lauded as the next health conscious trend. Our Turmeric Latte is the perfect winter morning pick me up. Made with the Coffee Hive Coffee Pod of your choice, this golden drink will start your day the right way.Read More
25 Aug 2017 12:06:18 PM By Coffee Hive Recipes,
delicious coffee pod coffee
Great Coffee News! Scientific studies continuously show that there are numerous health benefits to drinking your daily coffee. And now it seems that by adding these delicious boosters to your daily cuppa joe your coffee will be even healthier for you!Read More
14 Aug 2017 11:32:54 AM By Coffee Hive Tips & guides,
is coffee good for you
Many of us cannot start the day without a cup of joe and it turns out, thanks to scientific study that this morning habit can help improve your health.Read More
31 Jul 2017 10:25:09 AM By Coffee Hive All about coffee,
healthy coffee
Looking for ways to make coffee even more delicious? Or healthy additions to your morning coffee? We've found 4 Super Healthy Ways to Make Your Coffee Even More Delicious!Read More
17 Jul 2017 1:15:16 PM By Coffee Hive Healthy Coffee, Coffee Additions, Coffee Health Benefits, Tips & guides,
mint mocha
There are few complaints in this world that can’t be solved with one of Mum’s Minty Mochas. Combining rich warmth of coffee, the refreshing flavour of mint and the sweet decadence of hot chocolate this winter drink has a fine history of warming the heart and soothing the soul.Read More
8 Jun 2017 4:38:10 PM By Coffee Hive Recipes,
espresso martini
Nothing says, ‘welcome to the weekend’ like a classic Espresso Martini. The work week is long and our weekends are short, thankfully the espresso martini is here to make sure that you receive caffeination and a cocktail in one stylish martini glass.Read More
8 Jun 2017 4:14:43 PM By Coffee Hive Recipes,
gingerbread coffee
Attention coffee lovers! Here is the perfect winter warmer recipe for caffeine lovers with a bit of a sweet tooth. This delicious recipe combines the flavours of our popular medium roast coffee pods with the nostalgic flavours of cinnamon and ginger for a sweet brew that will take you back to childhood days of gingerbread men. Why not kick back with the girls (or boys) this weekend with one of these in hand?Read More
6 Jul 2016 7:42:46 PM By Coffee Hive Recipes,
Intensely flavoured Nespresso compatible coffee pods. From the finest Central and South American Arabica beans, explore the symphony of aromas revealed in our Barista Quality blends freshly roasted in Europe...Read More
30 May 2016 12:02:00 AM By Coffee Hive All about coffee,
descale coffee pod machine
The level of scale build up in your machine depends on the hardness of the water you use and the frequency you use your machine. So what is "scale"?...Read More
9 May 2016 9:12:00 PM By Coffee Hive Tips & guides,
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